Things To Do

While immersing yourself in all villas’ extravagance, you can even take part in a broad range of world-class activities – all within close distance and at very fair prices. You might look for one of the best surfing experience Bali has to offer or seeking a relaxing – luxurious time out. Our villa’s staff will have a wealth of information about nearby places of interest and will help arrange transportation and make any bookings required. In the meantime, here is a taste of the many things to do within reach of the villa.

  1. Stroll on the village.
    This is a great way to immerse yourself in Balinese village life. Start the day early in the morning seeing the flurry of activity as the day awakens. Strolling to a local village, passing through picturesque rice fields where farmers tend to their rice crops, feed their animals and pick coconuts. During the day, you may also visit a local templemeet local artists and woodcarvers. This would be your different experience.
  2. Exploring the hidden gems of Bali on private car.
    There so many beautiful hidden gems of Bali can be explored during your stay. In order to play it safe and comfortably it is best to hire a car with chauffeur from a professional and experienced company who work with trained and registered drivers. You can book organized tours or simply arrange the vehicle for a certain time and tell the driver where you want to go.
  3. Relax with a Massage, Yoga, and Meditation
    There are numerous treatments to choose among, from a traditional Balinese massage to more exotic treatments with mint and coffee. Treatments can also be arranged within your villa. In-villa beauty and massage treatments carried out by professional therapists can usually be arranged with ease.As the location is quite secluded and close to nature environment, the villa is also a perfect place for doing yoga and meditation.
  4. Do Purification ritual at Tirta Empul temple
    Seeped in spirituality and mysticism, Bali is a place where restless minds can find quiet and tired souls can be revived. If you deal with bad dreams all night long, then you should do and experience real Balinese cleansing and purification ceremony at our local holy spring – Tirta Empul temple. This is a water ritual purification ceremony at Balinese pilgrimage site which will carry a mystifying and ancient energy. Balinese Hindus believe water poured all over the body, symbolizing the eradication of any negative and dark forces that might overshadow one’s life. What a unique spiritual experience will be!!!
  5. Experience a traditional dance show
    Today, Ubud offers a rich insight into Balinese art and culture. Galleries, museums, dance, cuisine and the natural environment together with shopping and dining offer a truly unique experience for guests.There are also plenty of traditional dance shows to choose from in Ubud including the impressive kecak fire and trance dance.Shows are held on different venues, so the best way to find a dance show is to go to the tourist office and ask for the schedule for the period you are in town.It is quite safe to buy tickets from street sellers who are often out in the afternoon selling tickets to that night’s performances – they are usually volunteers selling tickets to support their village. The village receives the proceeds of the performances to support their temple and ceremonies.

We have set out other exciting thing to do that will take you straight to the can’t miss activities that scattered all over the magical island of Bali. Kindly download our insight travel companion to have further references.

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