The Mahogany Villa indubitably suits traveler to Bali who crave an authentic Balinese experience with all the conveniences of home, an ideal place and perfect option to be for embarking Bali holiday. There are numerous Balinese Cultures you can learn during your stay at our villas including:

  1. Balinese Dance Lesson –It is an interesting experience and you will know how is the difficulty and unique of the Balinese Dance. The elastic movement is making this dance more beautiful to see. You will be guided from the first step how to dance it. We encourage you enjoy the real experience to perform the beautiful dance during your holiday in Bali.
  2. Balinese Offering lesson – Making the offering that is a part of daily Balinese activities particular for the Balinese woman. You will be guided by the Balinese girls from cutting the coconut leaf and designs it. The simple of the Balinese offering is called ‘Canang Sari’. The indentation of the young coconut leaf and put the colorful tropical flower will make your Balinese offering are good looking.
  3. Balinese Cooking Class – Balinese dishes has a specific character where most of them are spicy due to its ingredients come from the tropical tree in particular to tuber or root. Let taste your original Balinese dishes; making it by your own hands could be your native experiences to bring home
  4. Balinese Wood Carving Class – Don’t miss the opportunity to sample this extraordinary craft while on the island. We want everyone to enjoy the wood carving experience and to have a chance to stretch their creative muscle while vacationing in paradise.This unique experience with a master wood carver is suitable for all ages and abilities. Working side by side, using the traditional simple tools, you will experience the insight that creates the fantastic wood carvings found in Bali.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange those activities so our team can prepare them in advance.

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